A simple and effective handheld Cryotherapy device for accurate treatment of skin lesions making it ideal for general practice, dermatology, podiatry and minor surgery applications. The tip is made from a soda clear glass capillary with a diameter of 20-80 um. To apply the cryogenic liquid gas the dispenser tip is touched against the skin surface so that the escaping liquid gas directly touches the surface before a gaseous phase transition takes place

Cryo-Alfa Advantages

Cost per treatment ~ 50p or less
Simple pencil type grip for easy use & very accurate application
Freezes to -89°C and to a depth of 3mm
CryoAlfa can be kept in a drawer without degradation of the cartridge contents for approximately 3 months
Level of cold generated adjusted by the rate at which the button is depressed
Using Nitrous Oxide cartridges avoids all of the storage and transport problems associated with liquid nitrogen
Also ideal for home visits


CryoAlfa Perfect (which includes the valve assembly and trigger mechanism with tip & protective cap)
Gas release valve
Non-slip mat
Laminated instructions for cartridge replacement
User guide
All contained in an ABS protective case